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25 of the most iconic motifs from the NASA photography collection in a limited edition.

It all started with a case. The contents of this case consisted out of a special collection of 7.000 motifs and images, all taken from and by NASA, making it the most iconic, recognizable and complete collection of NASA's private  photography's now know to the greater public. This collection consists out of some of the most monumental achievements in mankind's younger historic accomplishments from the period of space travel, including the moon landing, the space shuttle program and other recognizable endeavors.

In the early 1960s, NASA recruited a photographer and tasked him with capturing, producing and collecting all the important images to document the entire space project. Each picture was taken with his supervision and guidance either by him, colleagues of the trade, mounted cameras and by astronauts themselves.

With the welcoming support of PWC, the case containing the 7.000 images found its way into the hands of four new owners, who have dedicated themselves to making these groundbreaking and highly historic significant photographs available to the public in a one off, high quality, limited edition of 25 motifs. Each picture is equipped with a certificate of authenticity that depicts the backstory to the displayed scene as well as where and how the photo was taken.

On you can purchase the most unique NASA photographs as NFTs by using the following link:

Premium production

Each print is manufactured to exceptionally high standards. The type of printing method is freely configurable depending on your preferences.

Limited and certified

The limited collection consists out of 25 images from iconic NASA photographs. Each printout comes with a certificate of authenticity, originally issued by NASA, detailing the story behind the image.

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We are experts in our field and will handle worldwide shipping with our extended know how and partners to ensure that your purchase reaches its destination safely.

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