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Each artwork is numbered, certified and comes with a NASA description on the backside.

Picture of Neptun and Triton

Introducing the NASA Picture Collection: Iconic Space Photography

Explore the captivating world of space through the lens of NASA with our exclusive collection of NASA pictures, meticulously captured and compiled over decades of historic space missions. Featuring over 7,000 extraordinary images, this collection represents the pinnacle of NASA's private photography, now accessible to the general public.

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Each picture in our collection comes with a certificate of authenticity, providing invaluable insights into the captured scene, including its backstory, location, and the remarkable circumstances under which the photo was taken.

Discover the wonders of space through our NASA Picture Collection. Don't miss this rare opportunity to own a piece of history, immortalized in these remarkable images.

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NASA photo description

29 AUGUST 1989

Range : 4.86 million km (3 million mi.) This dramatic view of the crescents of Neptune and Triton was acquired by Voyager 2 approx. 3 days, 6 1/2 hours after its closest approach to Neptune. The space craft was pluging southward at an angle of 48 degrees to the plane of the ecliptic. This direction, combined with the current season of southern summer in the Neptune system, gives this picture its unique geometry. The smallest detail discernible is approx. 90 km (56 mi.). Color was produced using images taken through the narrow-angle camera's clear, orange and green filters. Neptune does not appear as blue from this viewpoint because the forward scattering nature of its atmosphere is more important than its absorption of red light at this high phase angle (134 degrees).


Production details

No frame/print
LightJet print on Kodak Pro Endura

  • Special paper for luminous colors & high contrasts
  • UV-protected with color-warranty

Wooden frame (black)
Solid wood frame with passe-partout for floating mounting

  • With art glass (less reflection)
  • Ready to hang
  • Gallery quality presentation

Aluminium Dibond
Original photo print under matte acrylic glass

  • Ready to hang
  • Gallery quality presentation
  • Light and shatterproof


Available dimensions

Size small – edition of 250 – 17.72 inch x 14.17 inch (45cm x 36cm)
Size medium – edition of 150 – 39.37 inch x 31.50 inch (100cm x 80cm)
Size large – edition of 100 – 59.06 inch x 47.24 inch (150cm x 120cm)

Premium production

Each print is manufactured to exceptionally high standards. The type of printing method is freely configurable depending on your preferences.

Limited and certified

The limited collection consists out of 25 images from iconic NASA photographs. Each printout comes with a certificate of authenticity, originally issued by NASA, detailing the story behind the image.

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